Apr 25

If Safari is running slowly or not doing something it should a reset may fix it. This last week when I typed a word or phrase into the search bar of Safari, it would not do a search. After I reset Safari it started working again. Here is how to reset your Safari Web browser.

(When you do this Safari will lose all your setttings, passwords, history, extensions, bookmarks, everything. It will be like it was when you first installed it.)

To reset Safari:

  1. Quit Safari
  2. Go to your user’s Library folder* (see how below)
  3. Drag the Folder called ‘Safari’ into the trash.
  4. Re-start Safari

*To find your Library folder click on the desktop then click the menu that says ‘Go’. You will see a list of folders. Hold down the ‘option’ key then click on the folder that is called ‘Library’.


Drag this ‘Safari’ folder from your user’s  Library folder to the trash and all your Safari settings will be reset.


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