Jan 15


Here is how to charge your iPhone from your MacBook Air battery. (It  will work for a MacBook Pro as well.)

  1.  Plug the phone into the MacBook Air USB port.
  2.  Open the lid and power up the MacBook Air.
  3.  Close the lid, putting the MacBook Air to sleep and the iPhone  will continue to charge!

I was recently on a car trip and my iPhone went flat.  I didn’t have a 12 V adapter to plug it into the cigarette lighter in the car.

I plugged the iPhone into the USB port on my laptop, but of course it didn’t charge because the laptop was asleep.  I opened the laptop,  and the laptop woke up, and the phone began to charge, but this was no good because it would have drained the battery of the laptop too quickly.

So I closed the laptop,  putting it to sleep,  and the phone continued to charge!

I estimate that you can fully charge your iPhone 3 to 4 times from a full MacBook Air battery.



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