May 27

I’ve been trying out the world of Android Phones recently with a Google Nexus and more recently with a cheaper LG Nexus 5X.  The best way to sync Android phones with OS X is over the web.The sync is not done via wifi directly to your computer.  Each App syncs its own data across the internet. From your phone, to the web, to your Mac.You don’t need to plug your Google phone into your computer.

Here’s a list of Apps that will share data between OSX, iOS and Android over the web.

To-Do lists: Wunderlist (OSX/Android/iOS)

Notes: Notational Velocity (OSX) and Simplenote (Android/ iOS). also Evernote.

Calendars: Google calendar (Android/iOS) &  Apple Calendar App (OSX)

Contacts: Contacts (Android), Apple Contacts (OSX) and sync them with ‘Contacts Sync For Google Gmail’ (OS X). (Apple Contacts won’t sync with gmail.)

Passwords: 1Password (OSX/Android/iOS)

Files: Dropbox (OSX/Android/iOS)

Team Collaboration: Slack (OSX/Android/iOS)

Databases: Airtable (web based)


Google takes care of everything else:

Email: Google Inbox (iOS/Android), Apple Mail (OS X) & sync via account

Spreadsheets: Google Sheets (OSX/Android/iOS) or Microsoft Excel (Android, iOS and OSX)

Documents: Google Docs (OSX/Android/iOS) or Microsoft Word (Android, iOS and OSX)

Photos: Google Photos (Android), Apple ‘Photos’ App (OS X)  and sync them together with  ‘Google Photos Backup’

Music: Google Play, iTunes and Google ‘Music Manager’ which keeps them synced. (But note there is no way to sync playlists between iTunes and Google Play, just songs.)


You can read Excel and Word documents in both Android and iOS from dropbox, but you can’t read Pages or Numbers documents in Android.


OS X files you can’t access from an Android device:




Accordance (working on an Android App)

Filemaker Pro (but try Airtable – it’s great!)



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  1. Tony says:

    Actually I found that using KeepassX with the database on Dropbox is great alternative as both sides can access and keeps them all in sync. I believe there is a iOS version of keepass as well.

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