Oct 09

I have written this little AppleScript Quick Action that can paste bible verses from Accordance into any application without having to leave that application. From any application (eg Mail, Microsoft Word, Page etc) simply hit Command-7 and you will get this dialog box:

Paste Verses

Enter in the verses you want, press OK (or hit return) and the verses will appear automatically, pasted into the document where your cursor was. Read on to download the installer.

There are 2 versions. The first one is for most people. The second is for if you want to edit the Script or use it in Keyboard Maestro.

1. The Services Version

This is the easiest. Click on it and it will install and then you can assign it to a hotkey using System Preferences.

  1. Download this file called “Paste Bible Verses.workflow”This is for the NIV Bible. Here are other versions. (For ESV, NASB and GNT bibles)

2. Double click on the downloaded file and you should see a dialog like this:


3. Now go to System Preferences: Keyboard and go to the ‘Shortcuts’ Tab. Select Services and look for the new ‘Paste Bible Verses’ option. Click on ‘Add Shortcut’ and press Apple-7 to assign it to the Apple-7 key.

add shortcut key


4. That’s it. Now from any application select Apple-7 and you can paste in Bible verses from Accordance.

If you want another version (not NIV) let me know and I can make another version.

NOTE: Each time you run the ‘Paste Bible Verses’ in a new application (e.g. Word, Pages, Mail) it will ask for permission to run. You may also be taken to System Preferences and asked to allow that program to control your computer. This is to make sure that you have allowed the script to run. e.g.

If you are taken to the “Security and Privacy” section of System Preferences you need to click on the little Lock icon down the bottom left, then find the Application you want to paste into (e.g. Pages or Word) and then select the tick box next to that app under “Allow the Apps below to control your computer.”


2. The AppleScript Version

Use this version if you have Keyboard Maestro. You can assign it to any key you want with Keyboard Maestro and drop the AppleScript in. You can also customise it to paste from GNT, ESV etc.

The advantages of the Applescript Keyboard Maestro version over the Automator version are:

  1. The Applescript version runs faster. (IT is almost instant. The automator version has approx. 2-3 second delay)
  2. The Applescript version remembers your last typed verses. The automator version reverts back to Genesis 1:1 each time.

Click here to download the Apple Script version of Paste bible verses


And here’s what it looks like in Keyboard Maestro:


Keyboard Mastro version






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  1. Omar says:

    Awesome! Thank you for your hard work on this!

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