Mar 27

Last October I posted here about what apps were incompatible with High Sierra.

I need to add that Filemaker Pro 11 is completely unusable. It crashes whenever you do anything. (And according to a comment below FileMaker 12 does not work either.)

If you rely on Filemaker Pro, and you want to upgrade to High Sierra, Fielmaker suggest you upgrade to Filemaker Pro 14. I cant’ vouch for version 12 or 13, but 11 is very unstable.

It seems that there are some pretty significant under the hood changes in High Sierra. The list of incompatible Apps is higher than any previous release of OS-X, including Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor,Logic Pro X and MainStage which all needed to be upgraded.


High Sierra update

3 Responses to “Old versions of Filemaker Pro crash in High Sierra”

  1. Gary Zasuwa says:

    Add FM12 to this incompatible list. I have to upgrade cause I can’t read any of my databases anymore.

  2. Jim W says:

    +1 for FM 12 does not work with High Sierra. Turns out FileMaker do not sell an upgrade from FM 12 to the current FM 17 version. Does anyone have a cost-effective solution for this?

  3. Federico Arregui says:

    Add FM Pro 12 Advanced too…
    I can read and find as habitually into my database, BUT it is impossible to do any change in scripts! It crash inmediately and send the typical informative note to Apple… Sorry for my english.

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