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Have you ever gone to send an email in OS X, and when you start to type the person’s name all their past 5 email addresses come up, even though you have deleted them from Address Book (Contacts App)? Where are the addresses coming from and how do you get rid of them?

Apple mail on the mac keeps track of every person you have received an email from. This makes it easy to send them an email even if they are not in your address book. But this feature becomes a pain when people change their email address and Apple mail remembers the old one. It’s simple to fix though.

To delete a person’s old email address, in Mail  go to ‘Window’ menu and ‘Previous Recipients’.

Then click on the old email address and press the ‘Remove from List’ button.

You should do this anytime someone sends you a ‘my email address has changed’ email.

63 Responses to “How to stop old email addresses appearing automatically in the ‘To’ field in mail app”

  1. Sheila Johnson says:

    I have done just what it says and they are deleted in that bit, but the old addresses are still appearing when I click on name to send an e-mail

    • harry says:

      I have the same problem, the name has been removed in the previous recipients list, but still appears as a selectable name in all new emails.

  2. dottie says:

    ‘previous recipient’ does not show as an option under ‘window’

  3. Kevin Kurumada says:

    I keep getting emails from 2015 over and over even after trashing them
    How do I stop them from coming back?

  4. Keith Dickson says:

    My old a/c. no.keeps stopping me from sharing photos etc and I want my new a/ c no. To be used

  5. tom missildine says:

    I have used the “Window” method to get an old address out of my computer. Ten times, no help

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