May 08

iphone undo typing

Did you know that if you shake your iPhone you can undo your last action to do with typing? This can be really handy. Continue reading »

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Dec 04


A few things to be aware of before you upgrade to Yosemite.

Dragon Naturally Speaking There were some issues but this has been resolved.

Fuji Xerox printers  Here is a workaround.

non Apple SSD as startup disk with TRIM enabled – there could be issues. See here for a more detailed explanation and here for a discussion.

Yosemite will now default to encrypt your entire Hard Drive. Make sure to turn this off unless you understand the consequences.



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Jun 14


Usually in these bundles there are a few nice surprises, but I wouldn’t recommend the latest Stacksocial bundle unless you need a DVD ripper or you want to play with Tangerine and make some exercise playlists.

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Jan 03


Here’s how to get the FTP server running in OSX 10.9 Mavericks. This is advanced and not everyone will need the FTP server. The only thing I was use it for is to receive incoming scans from my Fuji/Xerox network scanner.

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Jun 27


My search for a good notetaking app has been a little on the obsessive side, but to me, the one thing a computer should be able to do well is take notes. I have spent 2 years on this one. I’m talking about an application where I can make a short note to myself and come back later and find it easily.

The combination of Notational Velocity on the mac, synced with Simplenote on the iphone, is for me the winner.
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Mar 31

MacHeist every year or so do a collection of software as a bundle, this year it’s a beauty. Check it out at

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Apr 15

Here’s a list of some programs that you can download for free from or find via a google search to supplement the software that comes with your mac. Continue reading »

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