May 20

I’ve started using Google Sheets a lot lately.  It’s a spreadsheet similar to Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel but the great advantage is you can share it with other people online and they don’t need any particular piece of software to be able to access it. Google sheets is not an application for your computer,  it is a website. This means in order to access one of your Google sheets you need to launch a web browser such as Safari or Chrome, and then go to the Google sheets website.  If you use Google Sheets a lot  it can be a bit tedious trying to access it. You can make a link straight to Google Sheets on your desktop or dock so that you can access it more easily. The way to do this is make a bookmark to the website from within chrome, then drag the bookmark from your bookmark folder to your desktop, then drag this link from your desktop into the dock.   To find out how to do this step-by-step read on.

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May 15

All applications and documents on your Macintosh computer have something called icon.  An icon is the picture that you see next to the filename of the file.  For example, the picture above is a picture of the icon for the Apple messages application.  Normally you won’t want to go messing around with icons but sometimes there may be an occasion where you want to change an icon. For example Apple have a generic ‘folder’ icon for every new folder  that you create,  but you may want to give the folder your own icon to make it more visually recognisable.

Here I have change the icon of a folder called ‘Places’ to a cartoon of a house to make it stand out.

Read on for how to do this.

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