Aug 31

You can set up Apple Calendar to send you an email reminder for any event. You can go to any event on your calendar, add an alert, and there is a drop down list of email addresses to choose from. But how do you change the default email address?  I was looking everywhere for where to change the email address that Apple Calendar alerts get sent to.  The answer: change your ‘work’ or ‘home’ address in your own contact in Apple Address book!

To change the email alert address, edit your 'work' and 'home' email address in Address book!

To change this email  address, you need to edit your ‘work’ or ‘home’ email address in Apple Address book!


8 Responses to “How to change the default email address for Apple Calendar Alerts”

  1. griffin says:

    I have stuggled with this for years (on and off, of course)! No one had an answer!! Very simple and it worked. Thank you!

  2. Robin says:

    I set a calendar alert for mileage about 7 years ago – changed the email address and it still bounces because it is no longer active. Have looked all over the place trying to find a way to change it.

  3. confused says:

    “change your ‘work’ or ‘home’ address in your own contact in Apple Address book!”

    I assume you mean the Contacts app, yes? …but how do you change “your own contact”? What are the steps to find it in the Contacts app? Thanks.

  4. Camilo says:

    Thank you so much, this worked perfectly…it took me over 20 minutes to find a solution and you gave to all of us, thanks!

  5. Joanna says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…. this has been driving me batty!

  6. Bev Tankard says:

    I’ve checked my information in Contacts, but my Calendar still shows an old email address I no longer use, and there are no drop down alternatives!

    Any other ideas folks? Thanks!

  7. Ortwin Gentz says:

    Looks like this issue still occurs in macOS Sierra. I filed a radar: (Calendar replies are sent from wrong account)

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