Jan 05

I try to answer most Mac problems, but here are three things that have me stumped!

1.You can’t copy files to a USB drive from your iPad.


With the Apple Camera adapter kit you can plug a USB thumbdrive into your iPad. If you create a folder called ‘DCIM’ you can even trick your ipad into thinking the thumbdrive is a camera and so read photo’s or movies off it. But you cannot save files onto the thumbdrive or load other files from the thumbdrive. If you Jailbreak your iPad you can, so it is possible, it’s just that Apple have disabled the ability to do it. There doesn’t seem to be a way round it. I’ve spent lots of time looking.


2. You can’t use a wireless clicker with Keynote on your iPad.


You can plug a USB remote clicker into your  iPad Apple Camera adapter kit USB port, but it doesn’t work to control Keynote. Plugging in a keyboard into the USB will control keynote, but a remote doesn’t. So again this seems to be a feature Apple have disabled. I cant’ find a way round it.


3. You can’t log out of the Apple Store.

apple store

After you log in to the Apple Store there is no way to log out. You can shut the safari window but when you open it you can still access your purchase history etc. You can quit Safari, but when you re-launch some items such as your shopping cart are still accessible from the history. Lot’s of forums, no answers. So the best I can come up with is don’t use the Apple Store from a public computer!!!

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  1. Tarkovsky says:

    With regard to logging out of the Apple Store: wow! On the other hand, if you try to actually do anything like change your password or credit card info, the site asks you for your password again, so there is some security there.

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