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It took me a while to get my canon scanner working under Lion. The trick is that there are two programs that you need to install – the scanner program and the driver. This works for Leopard and Snow Leopard too.You need to install the canon toolbox which is the general canon scanning program called “CanoScan Toolbox Ver. (Mac OS X)”  but you also need to install the ‘driver’ for your particular printer (for my printer it was called “LiDE 60 Scanner Driver Ver. (Mac OS X)”. There’s no where I could see on the canon page that tells you you need to download BOTH these files.
I found both these by going to the canon page here, and typing in  ‘LIDE 60’ Then I got a list of options, and I chose the link under my printer ‘CanoScan LiDE 60’ which took me here. I clicked drivers and downloads which took me here. Both the files were there in the list. Install the toolbox first, then the driver, then you’ll need to restart.

It then gave me an error as follows:

“The system extension “/System/Library/Extensions/CNQL1212_ClassicNotSeize.kext” was installed improperly and cannot be used.”

This is apparently an old file Canon forgot to remove. Remove it manually from, here:


All working!

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  1. Jon says:

    Just downloaded the driver and installed. Never downloaded the toolbox.

    Removed the file, as in the post above, and then added scanner in settings. Just tested, and it worked with Mountain Lions own scanner function.


  2. Phil says:

    In Mountain Lion. I followed the original instructions. Deleted the file mentioned (/System/Library/Extensions/CNQL1212_ClassicNotSeize.kext) though it was causing no problem. Added my scanner in the system prefs “Printers & Scanners” and it seems to work perfectly! Works in my Adobe Pro and the Canoscan toolbox.

  3. Petey says:

    Worked poifectly!


  4. Carl says:

    Was looking for this fix everywhere as one of our customers was experiencing the same issues, downloaded toolbox and driver, amended log files and restarted. Works great now! Thanks for the advice.


    The Scanner Shop

  5. Jude says:

    It works in Mountain Lion as before. I followed instructions you said (had no CNQL file) but removed all bits from a previous attempt to install so there was no Canon scanner files on the computer. Downloaded the files. Installed the Toolbox first. Then the Driver. Restarted. Plugged the scanner in, and voila it scanned first time. Set it up to open in iPhoto as I had it before Mountain Lion. Its perfect. Thank you.

  6. FM de Graaf says:

    I also was looking for a working driver for ML 10.8

    i bought a new canon scanner Lide 110 it’s working perfect.

    I tried my old scanner( Canon Lide 60) or it should work with this installed canon driver
    i’am surprised my old scanner, lide 60 is working min Ml 10.8.4
    photoloader does not recognise it. But Vuescan does. i use Vuescan 9.2.21

    so the Lide 110 software works on 10.8 en higher for the Lide 60

    • WOW – thankyou! got given a lide 60 and fustratingly wanted to make it work and have spent a long time trying different software and drivers (and didn’t want to buy a new one). nothin was working and then found your link.. not sure which bit is the magic bit as downloaded all the drivers for the 110 and vuescan but it works – if you see this – thankyou loads !

      hopefully by writing some words below this it will come up on google and help others

      canon lide 60, failed to open driver, mavericks, os x 10.9.4, scanner not working, recognising, system preferences.

  7. Cora says:

    Also working on Yosemite, Thanks !

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi Having issues deleting the CNQ extension file. Any guess’s?? Downloaded both the scanner driver and the Canonscan ToolBox, but unable to delete CNQ extension. Even under admin – not happening.

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