Jan 19

How quickly can you remove 2 Airpods from their case using only one hand?

Jan 11

I have a friend who has just changed from a PC to a Mac and she has asked for an alternative to Quicken. Apparently the OS X version of Quicken does not have support for Australian customisations such as Australian banks, GST, BAS etc. The PC version of Quicken did. So do any Aussie users know of some good software for the Mac that works in Australia?

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Jan 10

Things is still my favourite to-do app but Wunderlist is free and it’s Android compatible. Here’s how to export your to-do items from Things to Wunderlist.

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Jan 05

This Logitech remote has a volume adjustment button on the side. But if you change the volume the computer gives a loud ‘quack’ out the speakers, which in not good if you are in the middle of a presentation or a movie. Here is how to disable the volume change sound effect.

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Jan 02

There are a stack of bluetooth speakers available. Here’s how to pair one to your Apple laptop for better sound quality and volume. Continue reading ⟩

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Dec 23


Apple is all out of displays. If you purchase a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro you’ll need to buy a 3rd party monitor to go with it. They  no longer make any monitors. It might not sound like a big issue, but this is a failure on all 3 points of the original Apple marketing strategy of 1977. Let me explain why. Continue reading ⟩

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Dec 20



Last week I was down in our local JB hi-fi buying a small sound system for my son’s 18th birthday.  I wanted something that would look good, sound good, and last okay into the future. The stand out for me were these Marley Get Together speakers. I first noticed them at a friend’s house.  If you are after a good looking and good sounding small speaker to give someone for Christmas around the $200 mark, I’d recommend these. Also works very nicely with a Macbook or Macbook air. Continue reading ⟩

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Dec 19

Today Apple released iOS 10.2 and sadly we are still stuck with this childish cartoon popup when you click on a word in a text message. I have had numerous people complain about this so I’m not the only one who thinks it turns the iPhone into a very expensive kid’s toy. You can’t copy part of a message so if you need to copy a verification code or address into another app – too bad. For a workaround look here.


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