Oct 27


Overnight Apple released an upgrade for macOS Sierra,  but it doesn’t seem to have addressed the Time Machine backup issue.  If you have not yet upgraded to macOS Sierra I would hold off a little longer.

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Oct 25


Today Nuance released Dragon version 6.02.   I’d love to be able to review Dragon version 6.02 right now but because the major problem with Dragon is stability it is something that I can’t just review in 24 hours.  I will be giving Dragon 6.02 a good workout over the coming few days and I will give you a report as soon as I can.  Hopefully it’s the version that we have been waiting for. But in the meantime, I have been playing around with version 6.01 for about four weeks and I can give you some thoughts about it.

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Oct 25


Apple have removed the ability to copy part of a text message in iOS 10. Quite often I need to copy just part of a text message – e.g. a verification code, a bank account number, an address and so on, to paste into another application. You can’t do this anymore in iOS 10.   There is a work around.  Copy the entire message, paste it into the text reply field at the bottom of the messages window, then copy part of the message from there.

Read on for details.

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Oct 15


I have been keeping an eye on three iOS apps that Google have been playing with over the last few years,  and they have all come to age at the same time.  I’m not sure if the timing is coincidence or some kind of subversive move by Google but Google have nailed these three wonderful iOS apps all in the last few months: Calendar, Inbox, and Google Play.

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Oct 03


In Australia at the moment they are rolling out the NBN.  If you have a Macintosh computer it doesn’t matter which company you go with – they are all “Macintosh compatible”.  The main thing affecting the setup of your NBN  connection and the equipment you will need is whether you are fibre to the premises (FTTP) or fibre to the node (FTTN). Each one is slightly different in terms of how you connect your Macintosh computer to the NBN network.  Continue reading ⟩

Oct 01


Just a heads up that Mac OS Sierra Has some major issues:

  • windows redrawing slowly and funny glitches on my screen. (sometimes)
  • time machine backup is broken –  I cannot backup or restore from time machine back up.  (no fix. Apple have some suggestions about  resetting the PRAM but that didn’t seem to change anything.)
  • downloads not working in Safari –  they stop before the download has completed. (fix – use Google Chrome for downloads)

So if you are thinking of upgrading to Mac OS Sierra, I would be holding off until at least the first software update.


Sep 28

Nuance just released an update to Dragon for Mac yesterday. What’s more, I received a personal phone call from Jeff Lieman,  the manager of Engineering at Nuance,  encouraging me to try out and review the new version.  He was very generous with his time and chatted with me about some of the new features of Dragon 6 and how Dragon are working with various companies to bring even better integration to Dragon. He was very concerned about the bugs that are in Dragon 6 and pretty keen to get them sorted ASAP.  It sounds like the number of problems in the latest release caught them by surprise. He sounded concerned. But the proof will be in how well Nuance can get the bugs fixed and give us a stable working version.

I’ve installed 6.01.  It’s crashed twice which is disappointing but better than it was last week.  I’ll be giving it a good test drive over the next week  – stay tuned for an update.

Sep 15

We’ve just hit 10,000,000 page views.


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