Feb 02

In February Macintosh How To turns 6 years old!

In that time there’s been 212 articles with a total of 1150 comments – thanks to all you readers out there!

You can see a list of all the articles ever written here.

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One Response to “6 years and 200 articles!”

  1. roger says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I am using your sliding doors template for a site I am doing as a favour for a friend and I want to change the images on the main sliding menu (which I think rocks btw). As far as I can tell this is the stylesheet I need to change the images:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="/imagemenu/imageMenu.css”>

    However this sheet isn’t listed in the editor? Can you point me in the right directiion to change the images in the sliding menu.

    Thanks in advance


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