Oct 30

On October 31 Apple released the first update to High Sierra, OSX 10.13.1. There were a few teething issues with High Sierra 10.13 so the release of 10.13.1 might be a good time to upgrade.

My ‘Software Update would not find High Sierra or the upgrade. I went to ‘Software Update’ only to be told ‘No Updates Available.’ If this is the case for you,  you can download High Sierra manually by going to this link:

http://appstore.com/mac/macoshighsierra (It’s 5.5GB)

The upgrade (10.13.1) is here:

https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1941?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US (2GB)

Read on for a couple of tips before you Install High Sierra.

Save the Installer before you run it.

As with any OS X update, after you run the Installer, the Installer gets deleted from your hard drive. If you want to install His Sierra on another computer you then need to do the 5.5GB download all over again. So I suggest  if you have more ethane one computer you make a copy of the Installer after you download it but before you run it.

Incompatible Apps

The best list of incompatible apps I’ve found is from OWC who make Mac RAM.

Interesting that they are the ones helping us with such a list rather than Apple.

Apps With Known High Sierra Compatibility Issues



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