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  1. david
    October 15, 2013

    this is to remind you that there are some people (at least one) who appreciate sites such as yours, where information may be had openly and easily. i want to say that even if you get no comments on your postings, it does not mean they are not appreciated.

    sometimes it really is offering up your service with no thought of return.

    thanks, david.

  2. John
    March 18, 2014

    Intresting, I can watch any movie with my ipad.
    Your method is very usefull for me now, thanks very much for your sharing.

  3. nhut
    June 4, 2014

    Hi Wayne,
    I followed all your steps to a “T” and I got 10 video clips on my iPad Air.
    I have a home video clip that I want to add to the other 10 in my iPad “Home Videos”
    But when I got to step “5” and pressed in the “Sync” button (it’s “Apply” button on my machine) I got the following:
    – The iPad “Thuy’s iPad” is synced with another itunes library on “Nhutwindows8″. Do you want to erase this iPad and sync with this itunes librafry?
    – An iPad can be synced with only one itunes library at a time. Erasing and syncing replaces the content of this iPad with the contents of this itune library.
    – I have 2 choices at the end of this message:
    ” Erase and Sync” “Cancel”
    I did try once on an earlier time. Sure enough, everything was erased

    I want to keep everything on the iPad.
    Please help and thank you so so much
    Nhut Tran

    • Wayne
      June 5, 2014

      Are you using the same computer?

      • nhut
        June 5, 2014

        Hi Wayne,
        Thanks for a quick reply.
        You have a good question. I’m not sure about the 1st time when everything got erased, except for the LAST video clip.
        The 2nd time, I use a different computer:
        The old computer (windows 7) died. I used a new computer, with windows 8.1, when I encountered the erasing problem.
        Thanks for your assistance

      • Wayne
        June 6, 2014

        You can only sync an iPad to 1 computer at a time. It is a pain but it is the way Apple does it. So if your first computer is gone, you’ll lose those videos if you sync the iPad. There *may* be a way to get those old videos off the iPad using some special software not from Apple but it will be tricky.

  4. nhut
    June 7, 2014

    Hi Wayne,
    I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear.
    The old computer was dead, so the first 10 video clips was were gone
    With the new computer (windows 8.1), I started everything from point 1: Using “Handbrake”, I got the first 10 video clips back on the iPad. Around 2 weeks later, I found another video clip I like. So using “Handbrake” again, I tried to drag it to the iPad when the erasing message came up,
    Being a 1st grade in computer learning, I believe there is something that I don’t quite understand from your answer. I sincerely apologize for my shallow computer knowledge.
    Please help. Thanks again

  5. Daniela
    October 31, 2014

    Hi Wayne
    thank you very much for this possibility. i tryed to rip the dvd on a macbook and it doesn’t work… i downloaded the vlc and the handbrake, then i put in the dvd and followed the steps above. when i drag it into itunes it appears but it can’t be played on the apple tv. the score(?) is zero. i don’t know how to get to the point sync… can you help me with that? regards, daniela

  6. Carol
    February 20, 2015

    Hi – Hope you can try and help me – I have a series on DVD which has 3 episodes – but shows 99 titles! I have located the frtst one as being 22 but how do I find the next one – as 23 is the same as 22 and to transfer them all to find out is very time consuming! Any advice please?

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