Oct 02

Copy DVD

Here’s the process for how to copy a DVD to your iPad to watch on a plane or in the car.

1. Download and install VLC player. (http://www.videolan.org/) (You won’t be using it but it installs some bits that ‘handbrake’ needs to read protected DVDs.)

Install VLC Player

1. Install VLC Player


2. Download and install Handbrake. (http://handbrake.fr/)

Install Handbrake

2. Install Handbrake


3. Insert the DVD. If DVD player runs, quit it.

Insert DVD

3. Insert DVD


3. Use handbrake to import the DVD.

  • In the right panel select ‘ipad’ or the device you will play the video back on.
  • In the ‘source’ select the DVD folder.
  • In ‘destination’ select ‘desktop’ or wherever you would like the movie file to appear.
  • Press ‘Start’.


4. Open iTunes (without your iPad plugged in).

  • go to the ‘Home Video’s’ pane.
Drag the video into the iTunes 'Home VIdeos' tab.

Click on the iTunes ‘Home VIdeos’ tab.

  • drag the video from the desktop into the iTunes Home Video’s tab.
Drag the Movie into iTunes

4.Drag the Movie into iTunes


5. Plug in your iPad and:

  • make sure your iPad is  selected (not your iTunes Library).
  • select the ‘Movies’ tab.
  • tick  the ‘Sync Movies’ box
Select 'sync' movies box.

Select ‘sync’ movies box.

  • select the movie you want to sync.
Tick the movie and Press 'sync'

Tick the movie.


  • press the ‘Sync’ button.


Now the Movie will appear in ‘Videos’ on your ipad.



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  1. lement says:

    I found another awesome way to put DVD movies to iPad, no need to convert the format because FonePaw iOS Transfer can automatically convert them and add them to iPad. One tool is enough.

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