Jul 09

Despite Apple TV not having a Google Play App, you can still purchase or rent a movie from Google and watch it on your Apple TV.  Google suggest a way to do it by streaming the movie from your phone, but a far better way is to watch the movie directly in Apple TV via  the YouTube app. You can find previously purchased or rented Google Play movies in the Youtube App if you search for them.

1.  Purchase or rent the Movie from the Google Play Store as normal. (The Google Play Store has Rotten Tomato Ratings as well as extra payment options such as ‘Use Telstra Pay’.)

2. On your Apple TV open the ‘YouTube’ App.

Go to the Youtube app to find movies you have purchased in the Google Play Store.

3. Go to ‘search’ and type in the name of the movie you have purchased. The movie you will appear in the search results. Click on the movie. If it’s a purchased movie you can watch it. If it’s a rented movie you’ll get the usual warning about the rental time, and you will need to click yes to confirm to start the rental.

Here is an episode of ‘House’ that I purchased from Google Play – it appears in the Youtube search results on Apple TV.



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  1. Malcolm says:

    Brilliant. Thanks

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