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  1. Andrew
    April 15, 2011

    Just one minor point …

    As far as I know, clamshell iBooks didn’t have a video out port.
    I remember when I first converted to Mac, and had a clamshell iBook, I’d prepared a slideshow in Keynote. It looked wonderful, but I had no way of presenting it because there was no video out port, and I hadn’t realised.

    How embarrassing!

    • admin
      April 15, 2011

      I think you may be right Andrew they didn’t get a VGA port till the white ibooks. Not sure if there are any clamshells still round – I havn’t seen one for years!

  2. Andrew
    April 15, 2011

    I have two. One still works, last time I checked, anyway. Next time I know that I’m going to be in Dubbo, I’ll bring it with me and you can reminisce!

    The other point I’d like to make about connecting to a data projector is that some projectors seem to be fussy about which order things are connected and/or turned on.

    If the projection doesn’t happen immediately, try a few different combinations of order of turning things on. For me, that’s never failed yet, although it hasn’t always worked first time.

    (Windows laptops, on the other hand … be prepared to have your hair go grey or have none left as you struggle with getting it to project what you want!

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