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>if I want to convert some aiff files to mp3 to be downloaded from net…
> what specs should I aim at to keep size down but quality ok…

These are the settings I use for good quality speech in itunes:

Picture 4.jpg

Stereo Bit rate: 80kbbps

Sample rate: 22.050kHz

Channels: Mono

NOTE: This results in a 40kbps file (the mono file ends up at half the stereo bitrate)
A 20 minute talk will be about 6Mb and sound good.

If I am ripping from CD for speech for my ipod, say a story, and size is not so important, I set itunes to:


Which gives an output of 48kbps.The place you put these preferences in is itunes:preferences and click on the advanced icon then importing tab then Setting:Custom you can set the various options according to what you want.

Click here to read how to make the filesize (and quality) lower using LAME.

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  1. […] 4. BEST QUALITY. Use itunes. Although LAME is better for music, and lower bitrate spoken word, itunes is great for 40kbps spoken word and above. See the separate entry on importing spoken word into itunes. […]

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