Aug 21

In this article I talked about the best import settings for iTunes. Since then with the increase in Hard Disk space I now think it’s best to import all your songs using the apple lossless encoder. This still compresses the files by about 1/3 but there is no loss of audio quality at all. With AAC and MP3 files, not matter how high you set the quality, there is ALWAYS some loss of quality. Apple Lossless audio is exactly the same quality as what’s on your CD. Here’s how to import into iTunes using the Apple lossless encoder.

1. Open iTunes and select Preferences from the iTunes menu in the menubar.




2. Press the Import Settings Button.




3. Select Apple Lossless Encoder. Also Select enable error correction when reading CD’s.


That’s it! When you import a CD it will import as lossless.






17 Responses to “How to import songs into iTunes with no loss of quality”

  1. Ted says:

    Once I re-download the CD’s and check “replace” the existing songs that were already imported from the CD years ago, does the new Apple lossless encoding provide the higher quality to the songs in the iTunes library AND to the songs in each of the PLAYLISTS it appears in?

    Since the playlists were created in the past, I wasn’t sure if I needed to drag from the iTunes library and replace the songs within each playlist they appeared in.

  2. Rick says:

    But, if your still compressing audio files, your still compressing??? When you went from the album to cd you compressed. I have a nice pa that sounds very good. Why would I want to compress any more then the cd? I would want the cd copied as is! I want to hear EVERYTHING the cd has to offer. Apple is very good for music except the compression part. Who offers a program that does not compress?

    • Wayne says:

      Apple lossless does not compress the audio at all.
      It is lossless. Lossless means even though the files take less space on the Hard Disk, but it puts them back to EXACTLY what they were when they are played, a bit like a zip file compresses files but you don’t lose any data at all.

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