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Apple has introduced a ‘print’ button onto iPads, iPhones and iPods.  Unfortunately  you need a special “AirPrint” enabled printer. Thankfully there is an application called ‘Handyprint’ that allows you to print to any printer.  Here’s where to get it and how to use it.


On your iPhone at the bottom of some apps is a ‘share’ button. If you click this button you get a menu of different ways to share the content, one of these options is ‘print’ as shown below.

Share Button


Print Button

When you press the ‘Print’ button you will be given an option to choose a printer, but unless you have a special AirPrint printer’ you will see no printers here at all.  (I have a Canon IR5000, a Canon inkjet, a Xerox and a HP and none of them are AirPrint!)

If you don’t have an AirPrint printer there will be no printer here to select

If you want your non-airprint printer to appear then you can download the following free  donation ware  $5 application called ‘AirPrint Activator‘ ‘HandyPrint’ from netputing.
It’s free for 14 days then it asks for a donation of a minimum of $5. It used to be free, then it was donation ware, now it costs $5. If anyone finds a free alternative let me know.
You download it to any computer that’s attached to your printer.  Your computer acts as a bridge between your iOS device and printer.
Click here to go to the netputing page to find the latest version.  Download the little application called ‘HandyPrint’. You may then need to click on the ‘downloads’ button in the top right of Safari to find where it has been downloaded to.

Click on the ‘Show Downloads’ button to find it.

Now run HandyPrint by  double clicking the HandyPrint application.
You should get a window that looks like the one below.
Press the slider to ‘Turn On’ AirPrint.

The Printer should now appear in your iPad or iPhone printing menu!

Windows users:

There is a PC version that I’ve found but it costs $20. You can download from here:  http://www.collobos.com Anyone found a free PC version?

Printing directly from iOS without a computer:

There is an alternative way of doing this. You can an app on your iPhone or iPad that will attempt to print directly to your printer. ‘Printer pro’  in sone such app and there is a good set of instructions here.  There’s a free version that will let you see if it works here.

I am not recommending Printer Pro.  When I tried it all it printed was 11 pages of gobbledygook. Also, Printer Pro doesn’t work on some printers, and so they have released a ‘helper app’ called desktop helper which you can run on your computer. That now means you are running two apps. The good thing about handy print is that it uses the printer drivers on your computer, so if your computer can print to your printer then handy print can as well. Handyprint only costs $2 more.

103 Responses to “How to Air Print to ANY (non-airprint) printer from your iPod, iPad or iPhone”

  1. garry blyth says:

    will this work on a mac book pro as my printer is a epson ,and it’s on my wireless net work

  2. Kevin Griffin says:

    Not sure what I am doing wrong. It shows up on my iPad, I print to it but nothing ever happens on the printer. Any advice?

    • paulh40 says:

      If your computer you installed AirPrint on goes to sleep AirPrint will not activate. it seems as though the computer needs to be awake.

  3. Rexmano says:

    I have an iPhone 4S with the latest iOS (5.1.1) I have tried everything possible but this thing does not work. It just sits there and does nothing. If anyone figures out anything, please let me know at: rex.rexmano@gmail.com

  4. Bass Mule says:

    Turned on printer sharing, turned on internet sharing, printer comes up on list of advertised printers, but I can’t select a printer. I’m running 10.7.4 on my mac and 5.11 on my iPhone 4.

  5. Jose says:

    Bass Mule

    You do not have to select from the list of advertised printers. You iphone or
    or Ipad will recognize the printer that you have. Your printer has to be on.

    Good luck.

  6. Niceandchuy says:

    I download the AirPrint file to my iPad but doesn’t open to install on iPad, do I need an app to install this.

  7. Tony says:

    It simply does not work ! When I try to open it there appears a page with letters and all kind of stuff wich I don’t understand ! Excuse my english !

  8. richard says:

    i’m struggling here – having red round this and watched a number of youtube clips, it appears that you load the airprint activator on another device other than an ipad or iphone! am i right or am i right? this is not result for me. i was hoping to have an app on my ipad that would recognise my wireless hp photosmart printer. anyone any ideas?

  9. Bud says:

    Is there a PC version of this? i.e. Can I install on a PC?

  10. Tom says:

    My PC is not wireless but my Canon Pixma MP640 is. can I download the airprint activator to my Pc and be able to print on my printer from my I pad?

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