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The best ever iPod (for sound quality) was the 5th generation ‘Enhanced’ version. But it has the same Apple model number as the 5th generation (A1136) . Here’s how to tell a 5th Gen ‘Enhanced’ iPod apart from a standard 5th generation iPod.

Everymac is a great source of information on different mac models. According to Everymac the only way to tell the 5th gen ‘Enhanced’ apart from the 5th gen is that it has a ‘Search’ option in the software.  The exception is that all the U2 iPods were ‘Enhanced’ so if you have a Black and Red ‘U2’ 5th gen iPod it is enhanced!

Click on ‘Music’  and look right down the bottom under ‘Audiobooks.’

The ‘Enhanced’ 5th Gen iPod has a ‘Search’ function at the bottom of the music menu.

This identifies it as the best ever iPod!

It will look like this:

The 'Enhanced' 5th Gen iPod has a 'Search' function at the bottom of the music menu.

The ‘Enhanced’ 5th Gen iPod has a ‘Search’ function at the bottom of the music menu. Some of the later model A1136 iPods were ‘Enhanced’.


All the 'U2' iPods were 'Enhanced'

All the ‘U2’ 5th gen iPods were ‘Enhanced’


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  1. Gauri Arora says:

    I need a help. i have also this ipod but as i start it. It shows a url apple.com/Support/Apple. plz help, how can i start my ipod

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