Mar 26

A blog is like an online diary or journal, where you type entries and people can read them. A blog site is designed to be easily updated regularly. There are various ways to set up a blog, here are a few, I have listen them in order of simplicity…

1. Go to


Advantages: Very easy: Sign in. Start a blog. A true blog. Invite others to post if you want them to. People can make comments. Add pictures.
Disadvantages: Probably the only disadvantage is that you can’t dramatically change the layout of the blog or integfrate it into an existing website. It sits on it’s own. You can choose different themes.

See an example here.

2. Get a .mac account and use iweb.


Advantages: Very easy. You can have it as part of your website. Easy to change the appearance. Easy to add photos. Just as easy to add podcasts.

Disadvantages: Only 1 author. No comments, (except with a hack – icomment). It is actually a web page makign program that looks liek it makes a blog, not a real traditional blog in the sense that a blog resides totally on a server, you can post from anywhere, it generates the pages on the fly as people ask for them. Hence the ability to have multiple authors, comments etc.

See an example here.

3. Use WordPress.


Get a program like WordPress but to do this you need a server. ie you need to be paying for a website to be hosted somewhere that has php and mysql. It takes 5 min to set up if you know what you are doing, (I set one up last week in 5 min). It takes about 5-10 hours if it’s your first time (I know from experience!).

Advantages: Flexible. Anything you want it to do, it can do. Thousands of add-ons. Fully customisable. Multiple authors. Can even embed in existing websites.

Disadvantages. Hard work to set up.
See an example here.

Get Blogging!!!

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  1. nice information. wordpress is one of the best one. i m using wordpress blog for my blog. thanks for information

  2. admin says:

    I should have mentioned
    The same software as but they host it for you.
    It is a bit like blogger – but more features.
    It may not have been round when I originally wrote this article I can’t remember.

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