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  1. michael
    December 12, 2014

    How are you connecting the SSD? USB 2.0 (and probably even 3.0) are much slower than the internal bus that is used for an internal SSD. That could be slowing down your SSD (effectively killing any advantage of having an SSD vs. HDD).

    • Wayne
      December 12, 2014

      Yes Michael USB would slow it down considerably.

  2. Simon
    December 13, 2014

    Just followed all this for my Mac Mini 2011 and it has all worked well. New SSD hard drive installed in M/Mini, Everything copied to new drive, booted from it, User Directories setup again. Yet to tackle Time Machine. Main question though. Being Dec 2014 my copy of Carbon Clone set up differently to what you show so I had to feel my way through the settings and it looks like I got the ‘delete items that don’t exist on the source’ setting wrong.There basically wasn’t the option under this latest version of CCC or it was worded so I don’t recognise the same function. So effectively I still have all the OS etc on my old drive just sitting there taking up space while the new copy on the SSD does all the work. Can I delete those off the old drive to free up space for storage data. For example my old, original HDD still has the same space used to prior to installing.
    Also – not something I’ll do until Time Machine is up and going again.
    Other than that – went well and easy to follow instructions. Not something I’ll do again in a hurry though – putting a 2nd drive in a Mac Mini. Fingers are too fat for the tolerances ha ha

    • Wayne
      December 14, 2014

      Yes after you’ve got it all working you can delete everything from your original Hard Drive (Library, System, Applications). I kept mine, as a backup. If you do delete it all, only delete it after you have your new setup all backed up.

  3. Wayne
    January 16, 2013

    Thanks for the link!

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