Mar 29

In this article I reviewed the Logitech wireless presenter. It is in my opinion the best remote control to use with Keynote. That particular Logitech remote has been replaced by the new Logitech R400 which doesn’t feel as robust, the main buttons are smaller, and it still has the 2 smaller buttons, one which completely exits out of your keynote presentation!  The last thing you want is to press the wrong button and be taken out of your keynote back to the desktop.

The smaller two buttons  can be easily disabled with a knife. This article describes how to disable the extra 2 buttons.  It really is a simple procedure and doesn’t even require any soldering!

What you need:

– A logitec wireless presenter R400

– A small phillips head screwdriver

– A small knife with a sharp point.

Step 1. Remove the battery cover, remove the sticker that covers the screws underneath the batteries, and undo the 2 screws.


Step 2. Prise off the back cover with a screwdriver or knife.

Step 3. The buttons are a small dome shaped piece of metal held on with a clear plastic contact. Carefully cut the clear sticky tape covering around the bottom 2 buttons with a knife.

Step 4. Now you can simply remove the dome shaped part of the button, it is only held on by the tape.

Step 5. Here is what it looks like with the button removed. Do this for both the bottom 2 buttons and then reassemble the remote.


If you also want to disable the laser pointer you can do the same with the top button, the fifth button.


When you reassemble the  remote control it will look identical from the outside,  but when you press the smaller 2 buttons at the bottom they will no longer click and they will no longer do anything.

So now you have a very reliable Keynote remote control that will just move the presentation one slide forward or backwards with no way to accidently exit from the presentation!








2 Responses to “How to improve your Logitec R400 wireless presenter”

  1. dude says:

    dude, this is just so not representative. and disable laserpointer? so i need a 2nd pointer to show aspects in slides? no blankscreen function? ever waited the session start but notebook already plugged in and couldnt check files/web/mail without involving whole audience?
    poor review…

    • Wayne says:

      It’s NOT disabling the pointer. It just disables the button that completely exits from the presentation. If you want to exit the keynote and check files you can still do that from your computer keyboard.

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