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You might have wondered how to get more RAM on your mac. You can replace it yourself, but you need to be careful where you buy it from.

In case you haven’t yet realised,  Apple Memory is different to normal PC RAM,  so if you go to a cheap PC shop or ebay and buy some memory it probably won’t work in your Apple computer. Here’s a reliable place I have found to buy RAM that works well in your Macintosh.It’s not that you need ‘Apple’ memory,  but you do need high quality RAM with certain specifications that are not obvious so you need to buy from someone who knows the differences. You can buy RAM that is the right speed (eg 667 MhZ DDR2 FB-DIMM etc) but it still won’t work.

If you can recommend a good reliable MAC RAM supplier leave the details in a comment below!

After much trial I have found a very reliable source of Mac RAM to be ‘Crucial’. (Crucial is the name of the shop!)

Check them out at Crucial.com They even have a little program here that you can download and it works out what computer you have and then pops you onto their webpage on the page showing the memory you need to buy!

Their prices are very good too.  Note (Jan 2013): I have signed up as a Crucial affiliate partner.

NOTE 2014: The other place I’d suggest to buy RAM from is OWC.  Last month (Feb 2014) I was upgrading my RAM and SSD in my new macbook pro and I ordered the RAM from OWC and the SSD from Crucial, just based on the cheapest price,  knowing both were reliable brands.

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6 Responses to “The best place to buy RAM for your macbook or imac.”

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  2. Shaun says:

    OWC (Other World Computing) & Newegg are two other sources for DIMM online. Although, since Crucial is a consumer products division of a major manufacturer (Micron) I’ve went with them lately.

    • John says:

      Purchased 2x8gb crucial…major faults started within days…repair by Apple techs took time, and by the time both had been replaced…beyond 45 days. “Too bad so sad” from crucial. Beyond 45 days all they will do is replace with the same – which I had apple replace. Pathetic customer service. Stay away from Crucial brand…pay the couple of extra $ and get real quality. I did not want a refund, rather a credit to get “something else”. Save yourself the hassle I have had…and yes, Apple installed Samsung.

      • Wayne says:

        Thanks John. Interesting, I’ve never had problems and have used them for years.

        A quick search turned up this discussion at Apple. So maybe try OWC instead – they are the other ones I suggest, but some people here on this forum still swearing by crucial despite a ‘bad batch’ of RAM perhaps.

        I’d be interested to hear if ANYONE else had a bad experience with Crucial??

  3. Paul William Monks says:

    I’ve used crucial for the past 5 years and touch wood never had a problem .

  4. Kevin C says:

    I have also experienced memory faults with Crucial So-DIMMs, two 4GB DDR3-1066 boards in my MacBook went south, causing mysterious system faults and disk errors, which I finally tracked down with the hardware check software, which reported faults at multiple registers.

    (replacing the original Samsung DIMMs confirmed that the Crucial boards were the problem.)

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