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Apple has changed the way calendars sync in Mavericks. It’s very nicely integrated now. Here’s how to sync your Apple Calendar with an external Google calendar.


You might be wondering why someone would want to use a Google calendar. Apple have mastered the art of calendar sharing. With Mavericks and iCloud it’s the best it’s ewer been.  You can now easily share your Apple Calendar with other people.  You can subscribe to other people’s Apple Calendars. You can even allow other people to edit your calendars.   So why would you even bother with Google calendars any more?

Well… The Apple calendar does not allow you to embed a calendar in a website. (Like I have done  for our church calendar here.)  So if you ‘publish’ your calendar,  the other person has to view your calendar from within their calendar app. They cannot look at it in a web browser.  There are a number of workarounds that will allow you to publish  an Apple calendar to the web,  for example http://icalshare.com  but I still think the simplest way to achieve a calendar published on a website is to use a Google calendar.

With Mavericks adding a google calendar to Apple calendar is the easiest it’s ever been.  There are no .ics files or messy webcal:// addresses needed. All you need is your google email address and password.



1. if you don’t have a Google calendar,  this  previous article of mine describes how to set up a Google calendar.  You can then embed that Google Calendar in any website according to Google’s instructions here.



Here’s how to add the Google calendar to Apple calendar app.

1. On your Mac go to ‘System Preferences’ and Click on ‘Internet Accounts’.

(This is different and much neater than with previous versions of OSX where you did it from within Calendar settings. )

in System Preferences find 'Internet Accounts'

2. In System Preferences find ‘Internet Accounts’


2. Click on ‘Google’ to add your Google account.

Google Account

3. Enter your Gmail settings for the account that has the Google calendar. You will need your Google email address and password. The name can be anything.


4. Click ‘Set Up’ and then make sure ‘calendars’ is selected.



All the calendars from that Gmail account will now appear in your Apple Calendar. If you do not see this window, click on the ‘Calendars’ button on the top left of your Calendar app window.

You can ‘connect’ to multiple Gmail accounts and multiple calendars. You can turn them on and off by checking or un-checking the checkbox next to the calendar.

The Gmail calendars will now appear alongside your iCloud calendars.

The Gmail calendars will now appear alongside your iCloud calendars – toggle their visibility with the checkbox.


When you edit your Gmail calendar in Apple calendar app the changes will automatically be uploaded to the Google account calendar. If the Google calendar is published on a website, the changes will automatically go from Apple Calendar to Google calendar and then to the website.

A little note. I was looking everywhere for where to change the email address that alerts get sent to. When you add an alert, you can choose an email notification for an event, but how do you change the default email address? The answer: change your ‘work’ or ‘home’ address in your own contact in Apple Address book.

To change the email alert address, edit your 'work' and 'home' email address in Address book!

To change this email  address, you need to edit your ‘work’ or ‘home’ email address in Apple Address book!


11 Responses to “How to sync between Google calendar and Apple calendar in Mavericks OS 10.9”

  1. Hello,
    Yes, very née, but the account in pref keeps saying “a secure connection hash”t been able to be established”… And nothing happened !

    Thanks to help !

  2. Nice article. Your method works well. Have you been able to get your iCloud calendars to sync up to a Google calendar?

    Imagine you have two iCloud Calendars, Two Exchange Calendars and you manage all of them using the desktop app Apple Calendar. You also have all of them synced up to your iPhone and iPad. Now all you want is to display all of them on a web page so folks can see your availability…. This use to be possible pre-Mavericks by publishing each of the calendars to Google and then publishing the Google calendar to the web.

    If you can solve that you’ll make a lot of folks happy.

  3. Pete says:

    Wayne – amazing! Who’d of thought I’d find you.
    Anyway – maybe you can help. I’ve just upgraded to Mavericks, and have lost all my iCal data, now that they have put me on to Calendar. Do you know of any way I can get it back, and then import it into Calendar?

  4. Wayne,

    Great write-up and thanks for getting it out there!
    I’ve been using Google calendar for quite some time in order to keep track of work and family. Honestly, my usage isn’t terribly elaborate or complex, but I’m still working to simplify things more. Currently, I’m using Fantastical to punch in fast entries from my mobile devices and things are just fine there.

    Only trouble I have is figuring out what app I should be running on the OSX side. Fantastical is there but it only works in the menu bar.

    Since I’ve no use (that I’m aware of now) for posting my calendar to my website, do you recommend sticking with Google or maybe rolling back to a strait iCal system?



  5. Dean Linnell says:

    Thanks for the article. I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correctly but here’s what I want to do:
    My wife uses iCal and has our whole family’s schedule in there and it’s synced with my iCal. Works great. However, I’ve just switched to Android and have begun using Google Calendar. I want all our activities to sync from her iCal to my Google Calendar. How do I go about this? If I can’t see my family’s activities in my Google Calendar I’m pretty well screwed. Help!!

  6. Joanne Scott says:

    I have the exact same issue with my husbands android syncing to our iCal on our Mac at home. Hope someone can help us out with this…

    • Joanne Scott says:

      My husband just uploaded an app called “smooth sync” for cloud calendar for $1.99 and he can now view all of our family iCalendars!

  7. Doro Schmitt says:

    As in the other websites, too: THIS IS NOT A SYNC!!!!!!

    This is how i can use my google calender in my iphone. A sync would be having the same data in both calendars.
    I openend 1000 sites now where everybody talks from syncing but it’s all shit

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