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Apple has changed the way calendars sync in Mavericks. Here’s how to sync your Apple Calendar App with an existing Google calendar.

You can’t use an iCloud based calendar to sync with Google.  You need to start from Google and go the other way.  Apple can see the gmail calendar but not the other way round.


You might be wondering why someone would want to even use a Google calendar now that Apple Calendar does everything…  You can share your Apple Calendar with other people.  You can subscribe to other people’s Apple Calendars. You can even allow other people to edit your calendars.   So why would you even bother with a Google calendar any more?

Well… The Apple calendar does not allow you to embed a calendar in a website. (Like I have done  for our church calendar here.)  So if you ‘publish’ your calendar,  the other person has to view your calendar from within their Apple calendar app. They cannot look at it in a web browser.

The simplest way to have a calendar published on a website but editable in Apple Calendar is to use a Google calendar. Using this method the calendar info is hosted by Google, not Apple, but the calendar is viewable and editable in Apple Calendar.

Adding a google calendar to Apple calendar is the easy in OS X Mavericks.  There are no .ics files or messy webcal:// addresses needed. All you need is your google email address and password.



1. If you don’t already have a Google calendar,  this  previous article of mine describes how to set up a Google calendar.  You can then embed that Google Calendar in any website according to Google’s instructions here.



Here’s how to add the Google calendar to Apple calendar app. A number of people can do this so that they can all edit the same calendar if you want.

1. On your Macintosh go to ‘System Preferences’ and Click on ‘Internet Accounts’.

(This is different to previous versions of OSX where you did it from within Calendar settings. )

in System Preferences find 'Internet Accounts'

2. In System Preferences find ‘Internet Accounts’


2. Click on ‘Google’ to add your Google account.

Google Account

3. Enter your Gmail settings for the account that has the Google calendar. You will need your Google email address and password. (The ‘Name:’ can be anything.)


4. Click ‘Set Up’ and then make sure ‘calendars’ is selected.



All the calendars from that Gmail account will now appear in your Apple Calendar.  You can ‘connect’ to multiple Gmail accounts and multiple calendars. You can turn them on and off by checking or un-checking the checkbox next to the calendar.

The Gmail calendars will now appear alongside your iCloud calendars.

The Gmail calendars will now appear alongside your iCloud calendars – toggle their visibility with the checkbox.

If you do not see this window, click on the ‘Calendars’ button on the top left of your Calendar app window.

When you edit your Gmail calendar in the Apple calendar app the changes will automatically be uploaded to the Google account calendar. If the Google calendar is published on a website, the changes will automatically go from the Apple Calendar to the Google calendar and then to the website.


32 Responses to “How to sync between Google calendar and Apple calendar in Mavericks OS 10.9”

  1. Llind a says:

    Nice idea but I do not have an Internet accounts button on my System preferences file or on my IMAC. Now What?

  2. Caro says:

    Thanks a lot for the advice! That is exactly what I need it.

  3. says:

    To the author of this article:
    Are you really that stupid? You’re questioning the use of google calendar.. Every argument you use for using Apple calendar is also available in google calendar. The only difference is that with a google calendar you can do all of those things on EVERY device you want. You can share, view, edit ,… with everyone on every device.
    And now you’re making some workaround because of the incapabilities of the apple calendar… I think it’s time for you to throw away those blinkers…

    • Wayne says:

      I’m sorry, I think you’ve completely misunderstood the article (or not read it). It’s not questioning the use of Google calendar at all, it is actually telling you how to use google calendar, step by step.

  4. Mohammed says:

    Great help, thanks.Is there an easy way to get my ical events to show up in my google calendar?

    • Wayne says:

      No way that I know of except to copy them across in Calendar app. Apple can see gmail calendar but not the other way round.

    • Werner says:

      Actually, Apple doesn’t have much love for anyone except Apple, and isn’t playing nicely with anyone except Apple. It is not a matter of Apple not learning from that past experience with Microsoft: it is a matter of Apple making every deliberate choice to trap users in an exclusively Apple environnement. The only way to teach them is to go to that conclusion: if you have made a step out of the Apple environnement (to free – as in freemind or freespeach – OS and soft for instance), then do the full walk toward an exclusively not Apple environnement … at least untill they act more friendly to others !!!

      • jr says:

        And Google isn’t locking everyone into Google apps to make money off the advertising (even the accounts they promised wouldn’t be checked, e.g., schools, paid business accounts)?
        Once Google claimed to believe in, “[F]irst, do no evil”. Now, not so much.
        IMHO: They’re both after user’s money, however they can get it. The only reason I use either is to avoid M$.

  5. Tracey says:

    I am trying to import to google calendar from iCal, unfortunately when I do this, nothing happens. I get right to import calendar, and up pops a window once this has been done and a small window appears IMPORT CALENDAR. Nothing has been imported.

    I have also tried to sync in ical, but I cannot find the URL or server settings that is supposed to show under ICal – Preferences – Account Information.

    Does someone have an answer? My Mac computer is a 10. version.

  6. Jody says:

    Great! Quick and to the point and worked immediately. Other articles were confusing and didn’t offer the right solution. From a new Mac user…thanks!!

  7. Sarah says:

    This doesn’t work for me. I can “see” my Google calendar, but I can’t switch to it or see any of the events on it. It is blank, essentially.

  8. The quote from Wayne on 27 Feb “Apple can see gmail calendar but not the other way round.” needs to be in bold somewhere in the main article. I have sweated blood trying to get my ical stuff to show in Android……

  9. Jan says:

    I loathe the Apple calendar!! So hard to add anything, and then it arbitrarily tries to slot what you’ve written into its self-determined time zones.

    I love my Google calendar — so user friendly. But the pc it is on is dying so I’ll have to somehow follow these complicated instructions and set it up on my Mac. I’m actually regretting my decision to get a MacBook. Wish I’d stuck with a new pc but too late now…..

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