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SUMMARY: If your Dragon Version 6 broke when you upgraded to High Sierra you just need to ‘reset’ the Dragon preferences to fix the problem. Here are the instructions I received from Nuance on how to do this.



In this article I wrote about the problems I encountered with Dragon when I upgraded to High Sierra. The ‘scratch that’ and ‘correct that’ commands were not working. This problem has also been reported here at Apple support and here at Mac Update but no solutions have been provided. I have been in contact with Nuance and it turns out that there is a simple solution to this bug. Nuance for some reason have not made it public and their  support forums are still closed so there is no way to find this information. If you contact Nuance directly through their customer support and raise the issue with them they will be able to talk you through this.



Here are the instructions I received from Nuance on how to do this:

1. Quit the Dragon program.
2. Click on Finder choose Go to Folder from the Go menu.
3. Enter the following text in the Go to Folder text box:
~/Library/Preferences/ and then click Go.
4. Arrange files and folders in alphabetical order.
5. Move all files that begin with “com.dragon.dictate” to the Trash.
6. Empty the trash.

Run First Aid on your Mac Internal hard drive.

1. Click on Finder.
2. Click on Go on the top menu bar.
3. Choose Utilities > click on Disk Utility.
4. Highlight internal hard drive and then click on First Aid on the top left corner.
5. Reboot your Mac computer and then try to do the task again.

5 Responses to “Fixing the ‘Scratch That’ and ‘Correct That’ bug in Dragon and High Sierra”

  1. I have just tried it and doesn’t work. I do wish that Dragon would do something about it.

  2. Nic says:


    Tried the tip, but didn’t work for me. OS 10.13.3 Dictate 6.0.8.
    Thank you for offering a solution though.

    All the best

  3. Brian Riley says:

    Has there been any resolution to this problem yet?

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