Jan 19

My new Apple Airpods arrived a week ago.  I must say they are a bold piece of hardware and they have evoked very strong emotions of love and hate within me. In many ways they are a beautiful piece of engineering and design and on the other hand they are a complete failure in some important ways. I love them and I hate them and here’s why.

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Mar 15


In this article I reviewed 3 bluetooth headsets for audio quality:  the Motorola Roadster Pro, the Parrot Neo HD and the Jabra Freeway. I didn’t like any of them. They sounded fine to the driver of the car but the driver’s voice sounded bad to the person on the other end of the phone.

Since then I have been trying them on the road and it’s been a little different.

In real life there is a clear winner: the Motorola Roadster Pro.

I’ve made a little video so you can see how good it sounds!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtHe-aCU5-k&w=400 ]


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Jan 02

Does anyone know of a photo app for mac that will show you a preview of what your file will look like after it is saved?

I want to write an article on how to save an image to use on a webpage…

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Oct 25

Check this out… the SanDisk ‘Crizer FIT’ thumbdrive.

I searched for ‘world’s smallest USB thumbdrive’ on Google and then ordered 3 different brands from Ebay. This one by Sandisk was the best. All three worked, the differences are in the moulding, and the  problem is how to attach them to your keyring (which you pretty much need to do so you don’t lose it!)

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Dec 29

This is a strange ‘how to’ but these things are so cool I couldn’t help writing something about them – the ardrone – a helicopter controlled by your iPhone with a camera on the front that transmits the image to your iPhone screen!  Continue reading ⟩

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May 09


Aa good storage system for IDEAS is essential.

Today the iPhone companion app for my fav desktop notes app – SOHO notes was released.

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Mar 18

Like any other area of interest on the iPhone, when it comes to the Bible there are thousands of applications out there but the new kid on the block the ‘ESV Bible‘ is easily the best and here’s why… Continue reading ⟩

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Apr 24

There is a noticeable lack of any notetaking app for mac that will sync with an iphone. By notetaking application I mean an application that you can use like a notepad: Write down thoughts on a topic. Come back later and find them. Add a few more notes when you want to. A new application, Shovebox seems to be OK, although it’s still early days…

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