Jan 29


I noticed when watching movies on my 27 inch iMac that they are too dark. There are a lot of details in the blacks missing compared to watching on a DVD player. Then at church for some reason our macbook air that’s hooked up to a projector plays movies that are very dark too. Turning the contrast or brightness up doesn’t work as it just washes out the black. But you can change the color profile in the preferences control panel to fix this up.

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May 01


To watch digital TV on you mac you need some hardware to get the TV signal into your computer, and you need some software to decode and display the TV in a window and to record programs etc. Here’s how to get it going. Continue reading »

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Dec 29

This is a strange ‘how to’ but these things are so cool I couldn’t help writing something about them – the ardrone – a helicopter controlled by your iPhone with a camera on the front that transmits the image to your iPhone screen!  Continue reading »

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