Jan 04

Do you have a problem on your macintosh that you’d like help with, or a suggestion for a ‘how to’ article? Submit it here as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it ASAP.



20 Responses to “Requests for a ‘how to’”

  1. Slrman says:

    Does anyone use Darwine on OSX? If so, do you have explicit instructions on installing and using it?

  2. George says:

    Can I systemically move all files to a hard drive other than Mac HD and leave only the Applications? I’d like to keep all my data files on a separate drive…

  3. Malcolm says:

    I want to power my computer without any cords attached to anything. Wayne, can you show me how?

    • admin says:

      It’s called batteries.

      I have a cable free computer here- it’s a casio fx 115 solar powered. It can add up and divide and so-on.

      Otherwise, maybe you could do it with a electromagnetic field like the rechargable toothbrushes use, but the downside is you might fry yourself if you go near it.

  4. Malcolm says:

    Hey, what happened to my request to run my computers without any cables? And what’s the latest thinking on perpetual motion to run my car?? This website is a fascist domain where the ayotollah of tech know how – holds out on the goodies. Come on, let us know.


  5. Saul says:

    How to: creating a guest book in iweb 09 .. convert from blog page , but how is it done

  6. Glen says:

    Can you write a post on how to tether the iPhone when using different carriers? Is there a way to tether with Optus for free? Thanks.

  7. Diane says:


    I love the template but can you tell me how to disable comments on my PAGES only?

    I’m using it as part of a project that has to be completed by March 16, 2011. Your help before then would be lovely!


  8. admin says:

    Dianne I think that’s not possible from within wordpress itself, so you’d need to edit the page template and remove the line that adds the comments. Post this q’n to the support pages – I even thing it’s already been answered there. http://mac-host.com/support

  9. Dirk says:

    I have OS X 10.6.8, can I upgrade directly to Mountain Lion?

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